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Auto Dealer

Dealership Immersion Report

Get a comprehensive understanding of the shopping process and how the dealership experience influences auto purchases – from the showroom environment to degree and type of interaction.

Current Dealer Experience

  • Demographics
  • Segments and brands
  • Auto influencers

Dealership Purchase Influence

  • Compared to marketing channels
  • Dealer selection criteria
  • Influential dealer attributes

Select Report Deliverables

  • Buyer dealership selection process
  • Loyal buyer profile
  • Buyer ratings of the dealership experience
  • Messages the dealership experience best delivers
  • Buyers; choice between fixed price vs. negotiations


Market Intelligence Reports

Foresight Research will conduct over 30,000 surveys each auto show season. Paired with the robust CHIPS buyer study for the top markets, this allows dealers to get a valuable perspective on how to generate traffic and keep buyers coming back in their market.

Report Deliverables

  • – Demographic profiles
  • – New and used vehicle buyer profiles
  • – Brand owned/leased
  • – Dealer selection criteria
  • – Brand perceptions and familiarity
  • – Sources of brand awareness – marketing and messages
  • – Initial shopping decision – brand vs dealer
  • – Best practices and ROI measures

Leveraging this report

  • – Understand how buyers chose a dealership
  • – Explore how buyers work, and want to work, with dealers
  • – Determine which message themes influence purchase decisions
  • – Measure communications ability to create brand interest vs. dealer interest
  • – Compare new car buyer profiles in your market vs. national



Dealer Action Reports

These reports laser in on those times a dealer just needs research about a single-topic that could make a measurable difference in managing, marketing, or selling at the dealership. Reports focus on purchase influence and experiences with marketing channels and messages. They are easily accessible, affordable, and able to be customized.

Report Topics

  • – Making Digital Work For You
  • – Growing Your Service Business
  • – Brochures and Your Dealership
  • – How Word of Mouth Helps Build Sales
  • – Sales Team Purchase Influence
  • and more – tell us where you have information gaps!

How Dealers Use These Reports

  • – Ultimately, it’s about increasing ROI
  • – Access the “voice of the consumer”
  • – Get proven and actionable insights from new auto buyers
  • – Tackle specific challenges you are experiencing at your store
  • – Steer successful actions to the next level base on deeper insights
  • – Tighten up communications plans for increased purchase influence
  • – Inform training approach and content

Accessories Immersion Report

This report defines the role accessories play in new vehicle sales and the dealership experience. Get a unique perspective into the accessory market, from who buys them, to the types of accessories purchased.

Accessory buyer profile

  • Demographics
  • Regionally

Accessory Influence at Retail

    • Sources of accessory information
    • Dealer vs aftermarket preferences and perceptions
    • Accessories influence on dealer choice
    • Salespeople accessory mentions by brand
    • How dealer displays influence accessory sales
    • Impact of dealer action on accessory sales