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Auto Show

Auto Show Immersion Report

A deep dive into auto show purchase influence and experiences for recent auto buyers, including return on investment evaluation. Featuring the six most compelling reasons to include auto shows in your marketing plan.

Attendance Measures

  • Demographics and markets
  • Brands and segments
  • Brands purchased

Purchase Influence

  • Profile of who are influenced
  • Brand loyalists vs. first-time buyers
  • Influential message themes
  • Purchase stage
  • Return on investment

Select Report Deliverables

  • Prove importance of auto shows in new vehicle buying decision-making
  • Show the marketing value of auto shows…at each stage of the purchase process…over the long term
  • Attendee profile
  • Reasons buyers attend auto shows
  • The recent new auto purchaser experience at the show
  • How auto shows effect brand word of mouth
  • What brands benefit most from auto shows
  • Elements important for drawing buyers to a display

Auto Show Experience

  • Importance of display elements
  • Ride & drive participation
  • Dwell time
  • Influence on brand consideration
  • How they spent their time at show


Market by market report on auto show attendance, recall, brand consideration and more for auto shows in 26 markets plus the Motor Trend shows combined.

Attendance Measures

      • Total households
      • 12-month intender households
      • Demographics
      • Purchase Intention

Auto Show Experience

        • Auto show awareness
        • Ride & drive participation
        • Most recalled displays
        • Purpose for attending
        • Brand consideration and intention
        • Brand consideration lift
        • Brand exposure

Mark and Roz
Branding Power of Auto Shows

How auto shows contribute to branding – and how to boost that contribution even more.

Key Deliverables

      • Compelling messages conveyed
      • Effect of auto shows during early purchase stages
      • Profile of brands added or subtracted at shows
      • Differences in branding power by demographics, first-time buyers, and influencers
      • Implications for marketers – best practices

How This Report Is Used

  • Quantify how auto shows help upper funnel/branding, despite being primarily a shopping venue
  • Ideas for lifting the branding power of auto shows
  • Explore how shows support branding among buyer groups/segments

Why and how the increase of the incidence of women at auto shows changes auto show marketing

Women Auto Show Attendees

  • Pre-planning visits
  • Word of mouth
  • Brand opinion shifts
  • Likelihood to purchase
  • Display visits
  • Display element ratings
  • Most impressive displays
  • Display expectations
  • Promotional response

How The Report Is Used

    • Understand why Women attend auto shows versus why men attend
    • Discover what display elements are compelling to women
    • Learn how and how much women participate in ride & drives
    • Find what actions, if any, women take after visiting an auto show

2013 Best Practices Cover Final

How to attract visitors to your auto show display, and then best practices for converting attendees into brand prospects.

Attendee Behaviors

  • How they navigate the auto show floor
  • Pre-planning to visit the display versus eye-catching draws
  • The role of pre-show communications
  • Pre-planning versus post show shopping
  • Importance of display elements

How This Report Is Used

  • Find which auto show elements work the hardest for your brand
  • Determine how to lift display visit recall
  • Show how pre-planning fits into auto show visits and post-auto show actions
  • Learn how to best use product specialists

This report includes two chapters. The first is market and overall auto show information garnered from internet surveys immediately after the show. The second section dives into custom brand measurement captured in subscriber displays during the auto show. This powerful combination gives a panoramic view of auto show impact on the auto shopping process.

The market and overall auto show questionnaires are consistent across all auto shows measured, in order to provide backdrop and norms for comparisons to auto show visitors. In the 2014/15 season, a total of over 8,000 surveys will be captured for 14 brands.


Auto Show Markets Measured