Custom Research

Proprietary Research Study

From start to finish, Foresight will make the research process smooth and efficient. We help you define the issues and craft a clear direction…which always yields actionable insights. Our significant experience spans many research goals, methodologies, and industries.

Research Goals Foresight Has Addressed

  • Marketing Return on Investment
  • Product development
  • Experiential research
  • Customer satisfaction and feedback
  • Retail and distribution research
  • Positioning research
  • Behavioral research
  • Competitive landscapes
  • Emerging technologies
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Measuring marketing channels
  • Measuring marketing messaging

Research Methodologies Foresight Has Executed

  • Data-mining and discovery
  • Focus groups
  • Internet survey
  • One-on-ones
  • Personal intercept
  • CATI Telephone survey

Industries with which we’ve worked

  • Automotive
  • Beverages
  • Communication systems
  • Events
  • Lottery
  • Health care
  • Marine
  • Media companies
  • Paint/Coloring
  • Packaged Goods
  • Retail

Individual Auto Show Report

This report includes two chapters. The first is market and overall auto show information garnered from internet surveys immediately after the show. The second section dives into custom brand measurement captured in subscriber displays during the auto show. This powerful combination gives a panoramic view of auto show impact on the auto shopping process.

Reports measure

  • auto show attendance
  • auto show visitor profile
  • visitor purchase intention
  • display evaluation
  • show evaluation
  • attendee expectations
  • engagement
  • messages delivered
  • post-show shopping plans
  • brand consideration/added or subtracted to list
  • And more!

The Market and overall auto show chapter questionnaire is consistent across all auto shows measured in order to provide backdrop and norms for comparisons to auto show visitors.

Experiential Event Onsite Measurement

These studies marry your custom information needs, with our proven systems, to ensure experiential marketing events are measured on a level playing field with traditional marketing.

How The Study Helps You

  • Identify event visitor profile
  • Determine how events influence visitors in their new auto purchase or shopping process
  • Gauge what visitors like about the event experience
  • Capture what vehicles or elements about your exhibit catches the visitor’s eye
  • Measure exhibit fit with visitor brand perception
  • Compare events/markets
  • The Foresight Advantage

  • Deep experience…that means streamlined logistical processes, constant innovation, and valuable perspective
  • Unique new buyer backdrop based on over 52,000 new auto purchasers telling us what influences them
  • Competitive costs allow you to do research if you haven’t…or expand it if you currently have a program in place

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Foresight Discovery


Access Foresight’s robust databases and expert researchers to answer marketing questions and relate them to auto purchase influence and behaviors.

Since study conception in 2008, these rich databases have been ripe for providing marketing input. The estimated 2015/2016 scope is shown below:

  • 4,500 total auto show surveys
    • 4,500 auto show display visitors via display intercept in 2013/14
    • 3,000 auto show visitors via internet survey immediately following the show in 2013/2014
  • 13,000 people in 50 auto show markets (including the 4,500 auto show visitors mentioned above) via internet survey
  • 5,000 new vehicle buyers

    Our syndicated reports answer many tough questions for marketers about which channels and messages influence buying behavior. But sometimes brands need to dig deeper. Here are some of the questions resulting from specific requests:

    • How do channels and messages specifically influence purchase of my brands? Competitive brands?
    • I need support/reinforcement for the value of _________ channel (auto shows, motorsports, digital media, direct marketing, etc) in my marketing plan
    • What is my brand imagery? My competitors?
    • How do I get my brand on buyer consideration lists?
    • How is my brand comparing to my competitors at auto shows?
    • What changes in my marketing plan would have the greatest impact?
    • Who is being influenced by my brand’s public relations efforts?

    Ask the questions and we are happy to put together a no-fuss, quick proposal of how to answer it and how much it will cost. Our clients have been pleasantly surprised on both counts.

    Foresight Inquiry

    Foresight Research is your go-to-resource for advanced statistical analysis. We have helped clients with several quantitative measurement projects – from modeling to optimize media spending, to multivariate analysis to measure competitive advantage straight from the customer’s viewpoint. Ask us how quantitative analysis could help you tackle the tough marketing issues.

    Most of our quantitative analysis are customized to address specific questions and “what ifs,” however we do have a linear programming media mix optimization product that has been used successfully by our automotive clients and can be outlined here:

    Answers the question: How does a marketer get the greatest return on marketing investment?

    Marketers get the optimal marketing budget allocation for generating the greatest purchase influence. They are able to look at six “what if” scenarios to reallocate or increase funds, to change the media list, or to look at different target markets. The methodology is linear programming which provides the best outcome allowing for requirements and constraints (for you stats geeks, it’s the “sweet spot” on an s curve)

    Inputs are streamlined:

    • Target markets
    • Minimum and maximum spend by medium
    • Budgets by medium
    • An element of Foresight measurement – media that influence your brand’s purchase

    Outputs are high-value

    • Optimal spending by media to get the greatest purchase influence
    • Your “what if” options could include
      • Optimizing by different targets
      • Optimizing with a short list of media
      • Optimizing at different budget levels