Foresight History

Our Client Focused Philosophy

Established in March 1998, Foresight Research set out to provide clients with the most actionable marketing research and marketing consulting services in the industry. We were, and are, dedicated to ensuring that:

  • Every report has fresh insights and actionable learning
  • Every custom research project gives the answers it sets out to find…and much more
  • Every Foresight Discovery data-mining task can support smart marketing plans through metrics from our robust studies – even in areas like auto shows where there has traditionally been little quantitative data
  • Even more complex marketing issues are tackled through our Foresight Inquiry advanced analytics – from media mix optimization to multivariate models, we can help

Our Approach

We learned early in the company’s life that the marketing world does not need another big, lumbering, expensive research supplier. So we became a small, agile, cost-efficient syndicated research supplier. Instead of selling our database for six figures, we sell thoughtful, insight-packed reports from our data bases starting at $5,500 and laser-pointed single-topic research briefs for even less. Rather than layers of staff requiring weeks or months to turn around data, our dedicated staff can get a report out in a matter of days after the data is available. It’s just more valuable to our clients that way.

Our Growth

That philosophy and approach has allowed Foresight to grow and thrive, and today we service a wide variety of clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to small local agencies and firms. Our clients include nearly every major auto manufacturer, plus many of their suppliers and agencies. We serve companies in many other industries including marine, health care, communications, consumer packaged goods, and events and sponsorships. We’d like to add your industry to that list!