Foresight Research: Almost 6 Million New Vehicle Buyers Accessorize their Ride – and it’s Not Just About Trucks

Rochester, Michigan September 19, 2017 – According to the recently published “2017 Accessory ImmersionTM” and “Sales and Marketing of AccessoriesTM” reports, almost 6 million new vehicles will be accessorized in the first two years of ownership. What are they buying? No longer focus on truck accessories or wheels – now it’s all about technology.

Top of the list is connectivity; Bluetooth and iPods. Then it is rear cameras and park assist, satellite radio and navigation. This is a whole new direction for the automotive accessory business and it is right in line with what is going on in the rest of the industry.
Dealerships dominate as the preferred outlet for the purchase of most accessories, although the aftermarket is very successful with utility accessories. Dealers are “best for” installation, customer service and quality. The customers want professional installation and warranty protection and of course they research a lot and plan for accessories – which are not an afterthought – they are part of the buying decision.

Successful marketing of accessories requires up front attention. Buyers are looking to digital media, brochures and word of mouth. Auto shows and events also are influential to the purchase. They are thinking about accessories when they open the dealership door.
Only half of all buyers recall a sales conversation at the dealership regarding accessories during the purchase process and two-thirds of those conversations were initiated by the buyer. As a result, manufacturers and dealers continue to lose a significant portion of accessory sales to the aftermarket because buyers aren’t simply asked what accessories they want and need.
The “Sales and Marketing of AccessoriesTM” report also details per new unit retailed dollars by segment and brand, revealing the leaders and underperformers.


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