Foresight Research: Public Relations is a “Best Marketing Buy”

Rochester Michigan, June 25, 2020 – Comparing the public relations budget to the marketing budget the PR. budget is not “chump change”, but let’s say it is a marketing best buy. Why do we say that? We have been measuring marketing communications for a long time and in the past three years, of all the communications channel levers that an auto manufacturer can pull, public relations is almost tied with TV and closely follows digital.

So, lets back this statement up. Every year we interview about 5,500 new car and truck buyers. We ask them a lot of questions, but one is what marketing communications channel influenced them to buy their vehicle. Public relations clocks in at 24% year, after year, after year. Digital and TV advertising is a little more – but let me stress – a little more. So why is that?

Let’s take PR. print for example. One out of three buyers say that they remember seeing an article about the vehicle they bought. That does not even include the digital side of things. 24% say they were influenced to purchase by their exposure to public relations. Of course, they also used other forms of communications:  brochures, digital, TV, print ads and experiential events and auto shows. But PR. is right up there. In addition to that, buyers influenced by PR. are also more often influenced by the other forms of communication. So, when you put it all together, there actually is synergism. Not only can we say that, but we can prove that.

For 2020, a new report is coming from Foresight Research that does a deep dive into the power of automotive public relations.   Foresight Research is in the process of once again interviewing about 5,500 new car and truck buyers to measure a lot of things to explain why PR. is so valuable. Give us a call and we can put on a webinar for you and your team. This very affordable syndicated report will publish in July, 2020.