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Management Bios

Steve Bruyn
CEO - Since 2002

– Pioneered – Foresight Return on Investment research for measuring the effectiveness of marketing communications, Foresight auto show research, and several major programs at Chrysler
– Planetary creds – is thought to know more about how auto shows impact consumer auto shopping and purchasing behavior than anyone in the universe
– Earned – MBA from the State University of New York; American Marketing Association board seat; Chairman Award at Chrysler
– Contributed at – Chrysler Corporation in research and brand management positions; Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois as head of research and market planning
– Favorite chart type/Foresight Research findings – The pinwheel chart that answers the question “how many cars did each marketing channel sell?” Foresight is able to answer this difficult and important question for marketers – a true ROI measure that auto companies can embrace
– Interesting hobbies – model ship building and kayaking

Chris Stommel
President - Since 1998

– Founded Foresight – 1998 to provide an innovative research resource with depth, integrity, and agility
– Pedigree – Nordhaus Research, JD Power & Associates
– Best description (as an alternative to “research genius” which is really what we want to call him) – “a powerful, proven research project creator and designer with all the right questions…leading to all the right questionnaires”
– Set on research path by – working as a telephone interviewer in college
– Planetary creds – leads Foresight global auto show measurement on three continents
– Favorite excel formula – =AVERAGE (ironically – because he is anything but!)
– Favorite chart – you can never go wrong with a good clustered bar chart
– Associations – former chapter president, Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity
– Favorite research quote – “Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.” – Zora Neale Hurston

Mark Clemons
Senior Analyst - Since 2012

– Experience – Chrysler Corporation research
– Earned – MBA at University of Michigan; BA at Michigan State
– Planetary creds – able to play heavenly rhythm guitar and accompany a 60-minute church musical with less than 24-hour notice.
– Favorite chart type – stacked bar
– Favorite Foresight syndicated question – we have a question that gets at how an auto show visit affects a visitor’s likelihood to purchase that brand. The results show just how impactful and engaging the auto show experience can be.
– Favorite vacation destination – Hawaii because of its amazing natural beauty and fabulous weather

Craig Belanger
Statistician and Senior Analyst - Since 1999

– Geek creds – BS in Mathematics at UofM; Masters in Mathematical Statistics and Masters in Economics from Wayne State University where he received the Bertram J. Eisenstadt Award for outstanding achievement in the Masters Program
– Favorite excel formula – CONCATENATE. Its role is to combine text so you don’t think of statisticians putting it high on the list, but it turns out that this formula can be used in so many ways to build SPSS syntax code more efficiently and accurately, it deserves special mention.
– Favorite quote – “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein
– Most recurring bio theme – Wife, Brenda, and three pre-teen daughters.
– Favorite Foresight syndicated question – I go straight to the core and would have to pick the questions about which marketing channel influences purchase. This whole line of questioning helps clients with so many decisions about how to allocate advertising and marketing budgets

Dan Hein
Senior Program Manager - Since 2009

– Earned – MBA at Kettering University, BA at Michigan State University
– Favorite chart type – stacked horizontal bar or scatterplot depending on what we are trying to show
– Recurring bio theme – mountains. Likes rock-crawling in Colorado/Moab with his neon green Jeep, last book read is “And The Mountains Echoed,” and favorite vacation spot is Great Smokey Mountains
– Favorite excel formula – STDEV for finding standard deviations
– Last movie/Foresight Advantage – Need for Speed. Most of our clients have that need and we appreciate it. We are known for agility and flexibility with a team that provides airtight data and insights in no time flat.
– Favorite quotes – “Adventure lives outside your tent,” and “Travel without a map.” Both of which are appreciated at Foresight to ensure individualism and diversity, but are not a reflection of how we approach research.

Kathy Meyer
Business Manager - Since 2013

– Business creds – Law offices: Beier Howlett; McConnell & Palmiere PC, Law Offices of P. David Palmiere
– Earned – BA English for Secondary Ed at Oakland University, JD at Wayne State University Law School. Member of the Michigan Bar Association
– Coolest hobby – collecting beach glass. Which reminds us of the shiny information and insight nuggets our clients get from every report we publish.
– Most recurring bio word – Club. Last book read was The End of Your Life Book Club and the last movie seen was Dallas Buyers Club. And we bet there are lots of clubs on Key West, Florida, which is Kathy’s favorite vacation destination.