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Marketing ROI

Auto Show Immersion Report

A deep dive into auto show purchase influence and experiences for recent auto buyers, including return on investment evaluation. This report provides budget setting input and rationale, strategic and tactical display planning insights, and competitive intelligence

Attendance Measures

  • Demographics and markets
  • Brands and segments
  • Brands purchased

Purchase Influence

  • Profile of who are influenced
  • Brand loyalists vs. first-time buyers
  • Influential message themes
  • Purchase stage
  • Return on investment

Select Report Deliverables

  • Prove importance of auto shows in new vehicle buying decision-making
  • Show the marketing value of auto shows…at each stage of the purchase process…over the long term
  • Attendee profile
  • Reasons buyers attend auto shows
  • The recent new auto purchaser experience at the show
  • How auto shows effect brand word of mouth
  • What brands benefit most from auto shows
  • Elements important for drawing buyers to a display

Auto Show Experience

  • Importance of display elements
  • Ride & drive participation
  • Dwell time
  • Influence on brand consideration
  • How they spent their time at show

Accessories Immersion Report

This report defines the role accessories play in new vehicle sales and the dealership experience. Get a unique perspective into the accessory market, from who buys them, to how they influence auto purchases, and the types of accessories purchased.

Accessory buyer profile

  • Demographics
  • Segments and brands
  • Regionally
  • Auto influencers

Accessory Purchase Influence

  • Amount spent on accessories
  • Profile by accessory spending
  • Planned spending on accessories

Accessory Influence at Retail

  • Sources of accessory information
  • Dealer vs aftermarket preferences and perceptions
  • Accessories influence on dealer choice
  • Salespeople accessory mentions by brand
  • How dealer displays influence accessory sales
  • Impact of dealer action on accessory sales

Inside The Mind of The Accessory Buyer

This report quantifies accessory influence on new auto purchases, and provides insights on the accessory shopping and buying process – providing complementary “hows” and “whys” to illuminate the sales trends provided in the Accessories Immersion Report

Accessory influence on new auto purchase

  • Demographics
  • Segments and brands
  • Regionally
  • Amount spent

Accessory Shopping and Buying

  • Accessory budgeting approaches
  • Decision-making and motivations in the accessory shopping process
  • Impact of brands / vehicle brands in the accessory purchase
  • Installation preferences

Report Uses

  • Define accessory influence on new auto sales
  • Support accessory marketing channel and messaging planning
  • Target / profile accessory users by shopping / buying segments
  • Uncover the value of dealership accessory sales efforts

Motorsports Immersion Report

Get a deep understanding of how motorsports influence the auto purchase process and how marketers can tap into that influence.

Race visitors/viewers

  • # view/attend
  • Demographics and markets
  • Segments and brands

Purchase Influence

  • Race visitors and viewers
  • By brand owned
  • Word of Mouth
  • Best Messages
  • Purchase Stage

Brand displays at races

  • Visitation rates
  • Pre-planning to visit
  • Dwell time
  • Actions taken
  • Ride & drive participation
  • Influence brand consideration

Select Report Deliverables

  • Motorsports viewing and attendance influence on new vehicle buyers
  • Motorsports viewer/attendee profile
  • Recent new auto purchaser’s experience at motorsports events
  • Motorsports effect on brand word of mouth
  • What sort of brand involvement do motorsports attendee’s exhibit?
  • Message themes most influencing motorsports
  • Number of motorsports races buyers view or attend each year

Promotions Immersion Report

Promotional events and sponsorships are an important part of automotive marketing. This report focuses on how experiential marketing events influence purchases and how marketers can best harness their strengths

Event visitors/viewers

  • Types of events
  • Attendance/viewing trends
  • Demographics and markets

Purchase Influence

  • Brand owned
  • Word of mouth
  • Messages

Brand display at Events

  • Visitation rates
  • Pre-Dwell time planning
  • Dwell time
  • Influential elements
  • Actions taken
  • Ride & drive participation
  • Influencing brand consideration

Select Report Deliverables

  • Promotional events and sponsorships influence on new vehicle buyer decision making
  • Amount of my budget to allocate to promotions
  • Event attendee/ viewer profile
  • Type of events that have the greatest influence on purchase
  • Recent new auto purchaser’s level of engagement at events (e.g. length of time spent, ride and drives)?
  • How do promotional events effect brand word of mouth
  • Message themes at events that have the greatest influence on the purchase decision

Automaker Laser Reports

Single-topic reports bringing the new auto buyer purchase influence perspective to OEM sales and marketing teams


    • Brochures
    • Digital
    • First-time Buyers
    • Word of Mouth
    • Mobile
    • Public Relations
    • Luxury Buyers

and more!

Leveraging Laser Reports

  • Focus in on how each area contributes to ROI
  • Get proven and actionable insights straight from new auto buyers – often in areas that have little research
  • Gain insight into specific challenges you are experiencing
  • Steer successful actions to the next level with deeper insights
  • Tighten up communications plans for increased purchase influence

Dealership Immersion Report

Get a comprehensive understanding of the shopping process and how the dealership experience influences auto purchases – from the showroom environment to degree and type of interaction.

Current Dealer Experience

  • Demographics
  • Segments and brands
  • Urban/suburban/rural
  • Auto influencers

Dealership Purchase Influence

  • Compared to marketing channels
  • Dealer selection criteria
  • Influential dealer attributes

Select Report Deliverables

  • Dealer experiences and the brand image
  • Buyer dealership selection process
  • Loyal buyer profile
  • Buyer ratings of the dealership experience
  • Messages the dealership experience best delivers
  • Buyers; choice between fixed price vs. negotiations