San Diego Auto Show kicked off 2014 with new attendees and affluent buyers

San Diego Auto Show kicked off 2014 with new attendees and affluent buyers

Foresight Research adds San Diego auto show to measurements and finds unique show characteristics

Rochester Hills, MI – The San Diego International Auto Show kicked off in early January, 2014 with over half of the attendees reporting a $100,000+ income and two thirds having a Bachelor’s Degree or more education, according to Foresight Research, the leader in auto show measurement. That makes the auto show attendees over 80% more likely to have high income or education than the general population in the San Diego area. That incidence of affluence is similar to most auto shows across the United States.

Where San Diego stands out this year is in three areas.
First the incidence of women attendees is lower than any other auto show at 35%. This is particularly surprising, as in the large auto show markets, women have grown from just over one-quarter of auto show attendees to approaching half.

“We think the continued interest and attendance by women is one of the biggest issues in the auto show business right now,” said Steve Bruyn, CEO of Foresight Research.

“In fact, we are dedicating a whole report at the end of auto show season to understanding this increase, and the implications on auto purchase influences for auto show marketers.”

Second, San Diego boasts over 10% of new attendees, where most auto shows are in the single digits. This finding suggests that the San Diego auto dealers are working hard to promote the auto show and grow the attendance. Foresight findings show that this will pay off in following years, since most people who go to auto shows continue to attend in later years.

Finally, San Diego auto show attracts people who plan to purchase a car in the next twelve months at almost double the incidence of the general population in the market. While there is a lower percentage of these people than you would find in other markets, those who intend to purchase are just as likely as other markets to be opinion leaders or “shouters;” are as likely to use the auto show as a serious shopping venue; and are just as likely to add a car brand to their consideration list. All of these things are highly desirable to auto companies and auto dealers.

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